Spotlight on Health

Gratitude improves your health

What are the health benefits of gratitude?  People who rate themselves as highly grateful seem to be healthier in a variety of ways.  They have stronger immune systems and succumb less often to illness, fewer symptoms of illness when they do get sick, lower blood pressure, and suffer less depression, envy and resentment.  They experience less Read the full article…

Men’s Health Screening Checklist 

It’s Movember….so time for all men to focus on themselves and not put off important recommended screenings—they could save your life. To learn more about what’s recommended at your age, talk to your doctor. Ages 20-50 Physical exam with blood test: Every 1 to 3 years until age 40, then annually Blood pressure: Every 2 years Read the full article…

Making sure your parents have coverage

Are you part of the sandwich generation?  Do you find yourself caring for your children at home  plus staying on top of your parents’ health and security?  Be Well Indy and Walgreens want to remind you that open enrollment for the 2015 calendar year for Medicare Part D is Oct. 15-Dec. 7. The process can seem overwhelming Read the full article…

Healthy Recipes

Asparagus Salad


Click here for the recipe