Spotlight on Health

The Benefits of Being Married

If you’re susceptible to vice, find a wife. She’ll save you from yourself—and improve your life—in a variety of ways. Notably, she’ll . . .

1. Increase Your Pay
A Virginia Commonwealth University study found that married men earn 22 percent more than their similarly experienced but single … Read more

Who says you can’t talk about infertility

Mention the word infertility and more often than not people think it is a female problem. Surprisingly enough, about one third of the time the problem lays with the male partner. 99.5 WZPL personalities Dave Smiley and Will Pfaffenberger are two such men. They graciously (and humorously of course) agreed to share their personal stories … Read more

Don’t Forget to Stretch… Men’s Health for Be Well Indy


November is Men’s Health Month and it’s something some men hate talking about; but it’s important! One way for men to practice a healthy lifestyle is to get active. Being fit and in shape can help many aspects of your life. Whether it’s physically or mentally, the benefits of working out are endless.

According to … Read more

Bone Health for Women

Bone Health for Women     By: Megan Skelly

Bones are amazingly strong and solid; yet light enough for us to easily move around each day. Bones are composed of minerals, tissues, living cells and proteins. They produce red and white blood cells, actively store minerals for later use and fuse together as the demands of life … Read more

Get Your Rear In Gear!

Be Well Indy is proud to partner with the Colon Cancer Coalition for this year’s Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Run and Walk to raise awareness and funds to fight colon cancer. Research shows that a high fat diet is a risk factor for colon cancer. Some studies have also suggested that a diet Read more

How Do I Know Which Screenings I Need?

As a women, we find our selves taking care of those around us…..spouse, kids, aging parents, even our friends….and often times ignoring our own health. Be Well Indy reminds you that it’s time to look out for YOU!  Want to know which screenings are recommended at a particular age?  Just go to to see … Read more

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Time to lace up those walking/running shoes and join us for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Oct. 31 downtown.  This 5K walk benefits the American Cancer Society and provides services for those battling the disease, as well as research to help stop it in its tracks!

To learn more about the event … Read more

Pink Boxes

It’s breast cancer awareness month and Be Well Indy is proud to partner with Northwest Radiology to Knock Out Cancer!  Consider purchasing a pink box today. Each box contains fun items, tickets to area attractions and offers from local restaurants and proceeds from the sales go to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on … Read more

How Do I Know if My Child’s Injury is Serious?

AKA…Do I need to take him to a doctor or will he “be better in the morning?”  Let’s face it, as parents we deal with this question on a weekly basis. Between falls from bikes, bruises from baseball and overall just “kids being kids,” we struggle as parents to know if an injury requires a … Read more

Healthy Recipes

Squash-Rice Casserole


Click here for the recipe

squash-rice-casserole-ckRead more